Wednesday, November 19, 2008

16 Week Update


Yesterday afternoon I went in for my 16 week OB visit. Everything is still on track and I am doing great. Little t's heart was beating at 150 bpm which is great! My blood pressure was excellent, and I am measuring exactly where I need to be measuring for this stage in the game. While we were listening to the heartbeat, little t was kicking or punching and we could hear four loud thumps over the doppler. I cannot feel any movement yet, but little t is certainly trying to let me know that he/she is active in there.

I talked to my doctor about the hypno-birthing classes that JM and I are going to take and asked her about her views regarding un-medicated, natural childbirths. She said that I was a great candidate and that she fully supported me in the type of delivery that I want to have. She was very understanding and she let me know ,that if at all possible, she totally prefers vaginal births to c-sections. This was really great to hear considering that the United States has a really high c-section rate (30-something%). Of course, in some instances, c-sections are necessary, but I am hoping that I can make it through a natural childbirth. She delivered two babies naturally just last week! We also discussed the hospital that I will be delivering at which helped me to feel really good about where the baby will be born. All of the delivery and post-partum rooms are private and they all have showers, birthing stools and birthing balls. There are also jacuzzi tubs that are available to laboring women if they need to relax in some warm water for a while.

Overall the visit was really great and I am feeling really happy with the choices we have made thus far. The next appointment is scheduled for 12/15, where I will meet with a midwife and get our 22 week ultrasound scheduled. We are still discussing whether or not we want to find out the sex of the baby before it is born, but if we want to know, they would be able to tell us during that ultrasound.

That is all for now. I think that my baby bump is just starting to become noticeable, so shortly we will post some photos!



Tuesday, November 11, 2008

15 Week Update

Hello Everyone!

I can hardly believe how fast time is flying! I am 15 weeks and 1 day today and feeling great. JM and I spent part of this morning raking up some major leaves. I am working from home today, and JM has a Noon-9 pm schedule this week. It makes scheduling a little hectic this week, but I think JM really likes to have the mornings free.

On the baby side of things, I am signing up for birthing classes today which will begin January 7 for 10 weeks. JM will be able to make all but 2 of the classes. I finished the hat and booties that I made for little tillema, and I have some yarn ordered for a blanket that I am going to get started on shortly.

We are getting ready for Thanksgiving (planning the menu and seeing who will be able to make it) and we finally got our tickets to go see the Tillema family in Nederland for Christmas.

Work for me is really busy right now, and I start a new term at the community college tomorrow. We switched text books last term, which meant that when I got assigned two COMP I sections instead of my normal COMP II, I had to spend a large portion of last evening writing a new syllabus and coming up with new assignment sheets, quizzes, in-class writings, etc.

Well, that is what is happening with us. I have my third OB visit next week and will update everyone again then!