Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Hello Hello - The Tillemas just arrived back in Ohio from an EXCELLENT trip out to the Bay Area. What a lovely place to be. We lunched at Green's, played in Golden Gate Park, swam in the ocean in Santa Cruz, and attended one night of the Monterey Jazz Festival. What a great time! Too bad we don't live there, however, where would we go on vacation if we did live there? Oh yeah, Tahoe.

Aidan had a blast swimming in the ocean and playing on the beach. He is definitely full of some dutch genes that make him immune to the cold water temperature of the Pacific. North Sea swimming is certainly in his future. Aidan, Gaelic in origin, means Little Fire and that is certainly a fitting name for my klein vuurtje. He was unstoppable on the playground, on the plane, in the ocean. Fearless and gregarious, he is always the life of the party - waving to and talking to everyone. He is a handful, but a really fun, super sweet handful. He is really into giving hugs right now - hugs for Cider, hugs for us, even hugs for strangers on the street. Actually, he has never met a stranger - everyone seems like a great person to hug in his eyes.

He is working hard learning to talk and even starting to count. It goes like this...I say one, he says two, I say three, he says four, I say five. Adorable. Here is a video of Aidan "reading" one of his favorite books.

In other news, Jan-Mendelt accepted an MS Fellowship at the Mayo Clininc in Rochester, Minnesota. The position begins July 2011. He is super excited and honored to be working for Mayo. I hope the move from Cincinnati will be smooth and that we find a nice place near the bike trail to rent. I guess we need to invest in snow shoes for the whole family!

Wish us luck....