Monday, September 28, 2009

Aidan and Mama have matching eyes!!!

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to say howdy and to post a photo from the weekend that Devon took of us. It is so amazing to see your eyes on someone else.

Aidan is growing and developing so quickly lately, but he is a doll most of the time. We had some hard core fussy moments yesterday, but it seems that all is well is Aidan land today. He had a great night of sleep and seems to be feeling much happier.

Life is hectic as JM and I try to balance it all, but we are so happy with our little tillema. JM is currently working on a landscaping project in the front yard. It is looking really amazing and we are so excited about the progress. Upon completion, I will post some photos of the new front yard.

Have a great Monday!

-CBT, JMT, & Aidan

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Do you see any similarities?

Hi Everyone!
I hope all is well for everyone and that you are enjoying the last days of summer. JM, Aidan and I are doing great. Busy and great!! Oma Tillema just sent me some photos of JM around 4 months old and I was happy to see how much Aidan looks like his papa. He also looks like me in many respects, but do you see any similarities in these photos??

This is a photo of Jan-Mendelt in 1978 (Hopefully he is not shy about me posting a naked baby JM on the internet!!!!

And, of course here we have Aidan in 2009.
I think Little Tillema is certainly looking his papa here!!!
More to come, as always.
With love,
cbt, jmt, & aidan