Wednesday, October 29, 2008

13 Weeks and Counting!

Hello Everyone,

It has been quite a while since I posted anything. Things have been very hectic around the Tillema house. After returning from California, I went to New Orleans for a conference. It was very exciting to "step it up" professionally. Mom picked me up at the airport and helped me go through all of the upstairs closets and the basement to get it organized prior to little tillema's arrival. I feel the need to get everything in order. We filled many garbage bags and got a load of stuff dropped off at Goodwill. A few things got put to the curb for the junk man who visits our neighborhood every Thursday evening.

Then, the very next week Freek and Jet came to visit van Nederland. We had a fun time with them and even rented a cabin in Red River Gorge. It was beautiful weather and we built a roaring campfire! JM was worried that I was standing too close to the fire and that I could accidentally BBQ little t. My tummy was extra warm that night!

Now that the first trimester is almost over, I feel that I have more to do than I can get done. I am so excited for what our lives will be like once the baby is here. I am not showing yet, but I can wait! At my second ob visit, they told me that I had actually lost two pounds. I know that all of that is about to change.

I am going to start posting belly photos as soon as there is something to post. Most of my friends showed by 16 weeks, so I have a feeling that by the end of November, I will be buying my first pair of maternity jeans!

More to come!


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Heather Marie said...

Hi Christina, JM and Little T! Much love from Denver. Wish you guys were going to be here for a repeat of last Thanksgiving.