Wednesday, April 8, 2009

36+ Week Update

Hello Everyone,

Well, it has been a couple of weeks since I had the time to update the blog. As my due date approaches, I realize that I have more projects to finish than possible. I still have a pretty great energy level though, which should help me get through the next 3-4 weeks.

I taught my last class at the community college until after the baby arrives this Monday. I am so relieved! I really need a break from the insanity of running up and down multiple flights of stairs every week with a heavy backpack and purse in tow. Oh yeah, and my "snack pack" of healthy things to eat and drink while teaching so that I can avoid hitting up the vending machines. I have to get my final grades submitted by midnight tonight, but then I am free of students and papers to grade for a while!

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and then I will have one every week from now until the baby is born. Tomorrow I am getting a Group B Strep Test that everyone gets at this point in pregnancy. If I test positive, I will be given IV anitbiotics during labor. Hopefully it will be negative and I can cross it off the list of things to worry about. At my last appointment the baby was head down and seemed to be a good position. I can feel that he is still head down, but maybe tomorrow I will get some more info on positioning, size, etc. I will definitely keep everyone updated.
Spring has sprung in Cincinnati and our yard is blooming wild! We have gorgeous daffodils and tulips coming up, our Bradford Pear Tree is blooming, as is our lilac bush. The sun was out this morning, it was about 45 degrees and everything just looked great! Cider is loving the spring weather and the cats are spending more time outside rolling around in the sun.

Here are some photos of some flowers from our garden and of course a few shots of my baby bump!

I am feeling pretty good considering how big my belly has gotten! Yesterday I got in two walks with Cider and a 1 hour prenatal yoga session. It was great! Yoga instantly eases the swelling in my ankles. Loves it! I thought I would post three shots from this morning because you get a better idea of just how much little tillema has taken over from different angles. The first shot I look super huge! JM took it - obviously the other two I did on my own! Sorry about the funny face on the first photo of me. I look super tired and puffy! Not the best photo - but you get the point!

In other news, our dear friend Phoebe's mother made us the cutest quilt for the baby! She is a professional quilter and does fabulous work. The quilt is amazing and adorable! What a sweet gesture! Here are some photos of the whole thing, as well as a few up close detail shots! The animals are all embroidered on the quilt and the quilting stitching itself is the alphabet! Super adorable!

Last, but not least, here is a photo of the lamp we recently added to lt's room. It matches the rest of the colors perfectly and was super cheap. Thanks IKEA!

I hope everyone is doing well and I will post again sooner rather than later! I promise!

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Heather Marie said...

Lookin good sister! I'm jealous of your daffodils. Hopefully this year we'll actually manage to landscape our front yard. If you turn out positive for the Group B strep test and want someone to commisserate with, let me know. I was totally freaked about it but it was not a big deal at all. Hugs!