Monday, May 18, 2009

Week 2 & Aidan's Retro Threads!


I hope everyone out there is doing great! I just wanted to post a few photos of week 2 of Aidan's life. Oma (Willy Tillema) had saved some of JM's, Magda's, and Ilja's baby clothes and let us bring some to the States with us for Aidan to wear. Here he is in some great retro threads from the late 70s!

I love how cute he looks in JM's old baby clothes!

Aidan also had a bath over the weekend and he actually semi enjoyed it, even taking a break from crying to enjoy the warm water!

And, last but not least, some photos of Aidan wearing his first pair of shoes. These shoes are Newborn Size and I think yesterday was the only day they will ever fit his giant feet!

Things are going well around here. JM has had to work really hard to make up for staying home with us for a week, but he is so happy to have his little boy around!

Aidan is growing and eating a ton, but is very sweet, minus the cries for milk every 2-3 hours. I am loving having the time to dedicate to him and I am grateful for every moment with him.

More to come soon!


Christina, JM and Aidan

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Heather Marie said...

He is so precious I can hardly stand it!!!