Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Promised Photos!

Hello Everyone!

I am already more on top of this blog than I have been in ages. A lot of you have seen some of these photos, but here a few favorites from the last few months. Aidan is getting big and independent and SUPER MOBILE so fast! I am pretty certain that he is about to cut two more teeth. He has been eating like a champ (loves yo baby organic yogurt and Naan!) He is a wonderful, joyful little person who makes me laugh all the time. Hope you like the pics!

Aidan with papa and wearing his Nederland windmill shirt!

Two of my personal favorites. How cute is he sitting on the left?

Getting in the laundry and hanging with his friend Iason!

All snuggled with the mama.

Devilish Grin.

Already learning to play the banjo....

Studying the leaves and smiling in the arms of his papa.

The Family Tillema

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Leah said...

What great photos. He is so adorable!