Tuesday, December 2, 2008

18 Week and 1 day Update


How is everyone out there? I am doing great, as are Little T and Big T as we now refer to JM. JM began working on preparing the soon to be nursery for a coat of paint - both walls and woodwork last week. The nursery is going to be so cute, I cannot wait to have it finished so that I can show everyone photos! We only have a few things purchased thus far, but I am sure that as the weeks roll on - we will start accumulating everything we need for little t. I have been busy with work - both AF4Q and with my teaching schedule, but even though I am busy I have enough energy to keep it going with ease.

We had a great Thanksgiving last week - we had some friends and family over to celebrate. Great food, great conversation, and a roaring fire in the fireplace made for a great evening. JM and I spent a little time over the weekend on leaf control in our yard - and we even dug up and potted a sage plant from our garden that the frost hadn't killed! It is now on one of our kitchen windowsills.

On Sunday, I finally went shopping for some maternity clothes. Even though I am not totally in need of all things stretchy just yet - I have to admit that the buttons on all of my pants were starting to irritate my slowly growing belly. Today, I am officially wearing maternity jeans for the first time! They are super comfy - but it is strange to pull your jeans on and off like sweatpants instead of zipping and buttoning them. I ended up getting two pairs of jeans, a pair of black work pants, a work skirt, 4 sweaters, 4 shirts and a new pair of pj's to bring with me to Nederland for Christmas. Everything was so on sale and I got great deals! Lots of buy 1, get 1 free. I am happy to finally have some super comfortable clothes - that have tons of growing room!

Tonight I am attending my first prenatal yoga class. I have been practicing yoga for a few years now with regularity - and I have been doing prenatal yoga at home, but I am really looking forward to taking a class with other expectant women. The class is offered twice a week - on both Tuesday evenings and Saturday afternoons.

I hope everyone is healthy and happy. More to come soon!



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