Friday, December 12, 2008

We have movement!!

Hi Everyone!

Yesterday I officially felt the baby move for the first time. At first it felt like popcorn popping, then I felt a swoosh go across my belly that felt like a paintbrush stroke from the inside! It is so exciting. Up until this point, I have not been able to feel anything really distinguishable, but the fluttery sensation that I am getting now can only be little t moving around in there!!!!!!

It happened last night again, and in fact, I can feel the baby moving as I type this update. It is a really amazing to finally feel this little person inside of me. The first time it felt a little strange and I was not sure what to make of it, but as soon as it stopped for a while, I found myself wishing that it would happen again! JM is really excited that as well. I know that he wishes he could feel the baby move too, but that will take a little more time.

I am just about to leave the office to go pick up some yarn I ordered for little t's baby blanket. I will post pictures of the yarn shortly!

Have a great day and I will post another update soon!



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patti said...

I love this blog! Love the nursery and the wonderful red blanky. It brings back such memories as I remember when I knitted yours. I was so happy to be an aunt as you were still in mommy's belly and i was awaiting your entrance into the Burke family with your little blanky. (remember the bikini at 2 or 3 yrs old,OMG) how much fun. I love you all!
Aunt Patti