Friday, January 16, 2009

24+ Week Update

Howdy folks! First, I have to acknowledge that it is steenkoud (stonecold) in Cincinnati right now. JM and I woke up to -8 degrees F (-22 degrees Celsius) this week. It was mighty hard to get out of bed and make it into work on the below zero mornings.

Yesterday, was my mom's birthday so we drove down to Lexington to celebrate. We had a great time and mom bought a new car for herself. She got a GREAT deal in this bad economy. Now she will be styling in her new ride all around town. Mom getting a new car, meant that we have now inherited the VW Jetta that she has been driving since JM totaled the Volvo in Memphis, TN during Elvis Week back in '99. Good times. The Jetta needs some work, but is still in great shape and is really coming to us in perfect timing for the arrival of little t. It would be pretty difficult to still share a car with a new baby here. Thanks Mom for your generosity, it is always appreciated and I love you for always coming through when I need it most.

After many requests to see the proof that little t is actually a boy, I have finally convinced JM that we CAN indeed post a pic of little t's piemel (that's dutch for penis people) on the internet. He felt a little guilty posting photos of little t's junk for everyone to see, but here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Clearly a boy baby!

I am also posting a couple of belly shots - clearly growing and showing. Sorry it has taken me so long to get these online. They are from last week and you can see that little t is getting bigger and making his presence much more noticeable in my belly!

There you have it - two side shots (clearly pregnant) and one from the front (not looking so pregnant).

We spent some time this morning working on the nursery. We have now rolled out the rug and applied the polka dot decals to the walls. Super cute! here are a few photos from today's progress.

That's all for now, I hope you enjoy the photos and as always, there will be more to come next week!

Dikke Tut,



magda said...

Weer prachtige foto's! En eindelijk het bewijs dat ik echt een neefje krijg. En flink aan het groeien ook nog, als ie maar niet zo groot monster als zn vader wordt ;-) Je ziet er prachtig uit christina! En de baby-kamer ook!
dikke smakkerd

Vickie said...

Precious! Precious! Baby, room, Mommy, and Daddy! Great choices all around! Christina looks adorable! Love to all!

Aunt Vickie

Heather Marie said...

You look beautiful Christina! But more like you're 12 weeks, not 24! Little T's room is so cute! Keep warm! What is up with me and all the exclamation points!!!

Patti said...

I'm diggin that room. U look fabulous dahling. Much love,
aunt Patti