Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First OB appointment!!!

Hello Everyone!

I am so nervous and excited for my first OB appointment tomorrow. My appointment is at 10:40 and I am looking forward to everything that I will learn. I will definitely keep all of you updated with the results of this appointment.

On another baby front, this summer two of Jan-Mendelt's colleagues had babies. Michael was born in July and little Julia was born yesterday. We went to the hospital to visit Julia and her parents Chris and Angela, and while we were there Corinne, Chike and Michael showed up. It was great to see how everyone is doing. Michael is a very healthy and constantly hungry baby. Julia is brand new and was fairly exhausted from her entrance into the world.

Angela was feeling exhausted after a long shift in the Emergency Department the night before. She arrived home at midnight and at 12:40 her water broke! Julia was born around 6:30 am. Everyone is doing great and I feel grateful that I will be able to call upon both new moms for advice.

Wish me luck tomorrow!


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